Technology Overview
Projection Keyboard Innovation : Electronic Perception Technology

The ‘projection keyboard’ is made possible through the incorporation of the 3D Electronic Perception Technology (EPT). This innovation enables everyday devices to “see” the world around them so they can perceive and interact with it. The EPT tracks your finger movements and translates them into keystrokes in the device.

Different from traditional digital cameras that record images in 2 dimensions so humans can see, EPT collects images the way that machines need to see in 3 dimensions. With the integration of Celluon’s technology in small, low cost, computer chips, virtually any kind of electronic device can perceive and interact with its immediate environment.

Future applications of this technology might include automobiles that can see and avoid obstacles before an accident occurs, video games that sense the player’s movements without the need for a controller, and even home security systems that can easily recognize the difference between a member of the household and an intruder. Just imagine the new possibilities in an era in which machines and devices are no longer “blind”!

How It Works

The projection laser displays the keyboard layout, measuring approx. 241 x 106 mm, onto any opaque flat surface. Keystrokes are recognized and then relayed via an invisible infrared layer combined with an optical sensor.

The recognition process works as follows: When the user presses a key on the projected keyboard, the infrared layer is interrupted. This produces UV reflections that are recognized by the sensor in three dimensions, allowing the system to assign a coordinate (keyboard character).