It’s just about summertime! School is letting out, the weather is heating up, and people are planning their vacation getaways.

While some are packing and planning excursions, don’t fret if you do not have a vacation in store. We have a plan for you! We promise these ideas will help keep the whole family entertained.

We’re also starting the summer off with a giveaway to celebrate! We’ll be giving away a pico projector to help one lucky winner really make the most of our summer staycation checklist. Even if you aren’t the lucky winner of a pico projector, we’ll be launching more promotions for you to take advantage of shortly! Stay tuned!

Our Summer Staycation Checklist:

  • Backyard Barbecue – Before everyone comes over, find two trees that could hold up a white bed sheet. This will act as your new theater screen. Set up chairs to sit or blankets and pillows for lounging. During the day the family might be keeping cool in the pool, but once the sun sets, gather everyone around the fire pit to keep warm. Take a vote—it’s movie time! Take your BBQ into the night with a beautiful HD laser display of your family’s favorite movie.

    • Drive-In Movie Night – Instead of a block party, ask your neighbors if they’d be interested in attending your drive-in movie theater. It’s sure to be a hit with both adults and children alike. Print a list of movies and once a month host a viewing party for the whole block! You’re sure to give the neighborhood a summer to remember—vacation or not!
    • Summer Camping Trip – Can’t make it out into the woods this summer? Break out the tent one weekend and set it up in your backyard. You can use the same sheet from your BBQ to project nature so the kids (or adults!) can feel like they’re in the great outdoors. Once it’s time to zip up the tent and sleeping bag, bring the portable pocket projector into the tent and stream their favorite movie as they fall asleep.
    • Rainy Day Fun – Don’t let the rain get you down. Project movies right onto your walls or get outside and set up your pico projector under a covered porch!
      Maybe you want to feel like you’re on the beach while you BBQ, maybe you want to exercise since you don’t feel like running in the rain, or perhaps you’d like to cheer up with an image of a beautiful sun. Whatever you want to watch, it can be right at your fingertips with a PicoAir of PicoPro laser projector.


When planning a summer staycation it’s all about keeping it light and fun! Don’t have a pico projector to do so? Well, that’s why we’ve decided to giveaway a HD laser projector so that you can host your very own summer staycation party for family and friends.

Your summer gatherings will be a hit with our giveaway prize pack. The winner will receive a HD laser pico projector, as well as a Dominos and an online movie gift card for the ultimate movie night.

Entering is easy. Simply follow the steps in the widget below and you’ll be in the running for a summer staycation that you won’t forget!

Good luck and happy summer!

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