1. What's the difference between Magic Cube and Epic?

Epic is a newer version of Magic Cube with smaller form factor and improved software. Epic is about 50% slimmer than Magic Cube and sits 1cm shorter. Epic now connects via simplified Bluetooth pairing that does not require pass code. To improve usability, we've also implemented smart tip tracking which blocks out objects that do not resemble a keystroke.

2. Is it possible to change the keyboard layout?

No, laser projection layout is fixed and cannot be changed. You can still type in other languages by changing input language on connected device, however laser projection will remain English QWERTY.

3. My bluetooth cannot find Epic.

Locate pairing switch behind the unit. Press and hold pairing switch and listen for double-beep sound. Epic is now on pairing mode. Simply tap on "Celluon PK Series" when discovered. Solid blue LED indicates successful pairing.

4. My bluetooth discovers Epic, but it does not connect.

Please make sure device you're attempting to connect is compatible. Epic connects to virtually any devices with at least Bluetooth 2.1 Compatible operating systems include iOS 4 and later, Mac OS X, Windows XP and later (not compatible with Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 systems), Android 4.0 and later, and Blackberry 10 devices.

5. Epic is connected but Blue LED light is still blinking.

This is not common, but it does happen to Bluetooth devices that are missing L2CAP protocol required to make successful connection with Epic. In this case, the device is not compatible with Epic requirements.

6. Epic is connected to iOS devices, but keyboard keys dont work

You're most likely in "mouse mode," indicated by blinking blue LED. iOS devices do not support this feature and cannot access mouse mode. Quick tap on the cursor key, located adjacent to spacebar key. This will take you back to keyboard mode, indicated by solid blue LED.

7. I've lost my charging USB cable. Can I charge Epic with different USB cables ?

Yes, you can use other micro USB to USB cable.

8. Will Epic work if an object is placed between Epic and projection keyboard layout?

When object is placed within the keyboard layout (operational area), it will interfere with the sensor and may result in unwanted keystrokes. Please keep operational area clear of any foreign objects and utilize the power save mode (refer to manual) to temporarily disable Epic.

9. Is the laser safe to use around kids?

Epic is a Class I laser product according to IEC-60825-1 standard. Use of control or adjustments or performances of procedures other than those specified may result in hazardous radiation exposure.

10. How long is the battery life?

Epic lasts for about 2-3 hours on continuous use. You may use Power Save Mode and adjustable keyboard settings to save battery consumption.

11. What are the system requirements for mouse mode?

Mouse mode works on operating systems that support mouse function such as Android, Windows, and Mac. Multi-touch mouse gesture is only available on devices that support such feature (Windows 7 and later, Mac OS).