PicoAir/PicoPro FAQ

1. What's the difference between the PicoAir and the PicoPro laser HD projectors?

The PicoAir connects to mobile devices only via wireless protocols and is specifically designed for Miracast-enabled Android devices. It is not recommended for iOS devices and has limited connectivity to Windows devices.
The PicoPro, part of Celluon's family of laser HD pico projectors, has the same wireless capability but also offers HDMI wired connectivity making it the best choice for iOS users, other mobile devices that don't have Miracast and for anyone who wants to connect to multiple device types.

2. How do I connect my pico projector via Miracast?

Miracast-enabled devices may have different names for the Miracast function. For example, Samsung devices may have a "Screen Mirroring" function, where other devices may have a "Cast Screen" function.

3. Do I need to leave my pico projector plugged in to operate or does it run on battery?

. The PicoAir/PicoPro run on a battery that will take approximately 3.5-4 hours to recharge. You can use the PicoAir/PicoPro while plugged in but it will take longer to charge.

4. I see that PicoAir/PicoPro uses laser technology, is it safe?

The PicoAir/PicoPro is a Class 3R laser product sometimes known as Class IIIa. A Class 3R laser is considered low powered. We recommend not staring into any strong light source and that holds true with any laser of any class. A Class 3R laser is not a skin or materials burn hazard. As with any technology, responsible use is tied to safe use. We emphasize that our product is marvel of modern technology and is not a toy. The PicoAir/PicoPro is designed for responsible reasonable use. Also, as with any lasers do not shine them at vehicles or directly at people.

5. I have an iPhone, how do I connect to the PicoAir?

Short Answer: The PicoAir does not go with iPhones. Long answer: We recommend our PicoPro for iOS devices. Using a separately purchased Lightning Adapter connected via the HDMI cable provided with the PicoPro purchased through the website, you will have full screen mirroring functionality. It is possible to connect to iPhones via the PicoAir's DLNA connection, but we do not recommend it. It requires a a third party application and you will be limited by the viewing options the application supports. We have found it to be a sub-optimal experience.

6. I plugged my separately purchased Apple Lightning AV Adapter and HDMI cable into my iPhone/iPad with the PicoPro and it's not working, what is going on?

If you purchased your PicoPro from Amazon, you will need a separately purchased Apple Adapter and HDMI A to D Cable (HDMI male to microHDMI male). Please be aware that some HDMI A to D Cables transmit data differently. For example, Insignia's HDMI A to D Cable microHDMI connector can only input data and is not configured to output data which is required for the PicoPro. If you need recommendations on a cable please contact our Customer Support Team. If you purchased through, you will need a separately purchased Apple Adapter and the HDMI cable that comes with the package. If you encounter problems after connecting the required cables, please contact the Customer Support Team for additional assistance.

7. I lost the charger that came with my PicoAir/PicoPro pico projector, can I use other microUSB chargers?

Yes, you can use other microUSB chargers to charge the PicoAir/PicoPro, however it will take longer to charge. The adapter that comes in the retail package is specifically designed for the PicoAir/PicoPro. It is recommended that you do not use this charger for other devices.

8. The colors seem a bit blurry, is there a way to adjust?

Yes, you can use the laser alignment function built into the PicoAir/PicoPro. You can download the instructions from our Resources section of our online Support site. The PicoPro instructions are the same except you must start from the HDMI screen.

9. What are my sound options aside from the 1W internal speaker?

You can connect speakers or headphones directly to the PicoAir/PicoPro using the 3.5mm aux out port. You can also Bluetooth a speaker to your Android device at the same time the PicoAir is connected via Miracast (Be aware, some Samsung devices do not allow Miracast and Bluetooth to connect simultaneously). Unfortunately, you will NOT be able to Bluetooth a speaker to your iPhone/iPad and stream due to Apple's DRM constraints.

10. I turned on my PicoAir/PicoPro and it got stuck on the load screen. What should I do?

Please turn off your PicoAir/PicoPro, wait 5-10 seconds and turn it back on.