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Ray Cha

CEO Message

First of all, I would like to thank you for your interest in Celluon, Inc. and its products.

The purpose of Celluon, Inc. is to provide the projection keyboard solutions that enable true data input for the emerging mobile market. The projection keyboard is undoubtedly, the next stage of technology development in the IT industry.

I strongly believe that the ability to anticipate and foresee the innovation of technology, establish a top-notch engineering division and effectively lead the growing company are the core factors for success.

The management and employees of Celluon, Inc. are fully committed and have internalized the company motto, envisioning Celluon to be the "Global Leader in Mobile Input Technology".

We at Celluon, Inc. will do our best to propel Celluon to greater heights, protect and maximize the shareholder value by achieving our goals within the shortest period of time possible, achieving global standards and providing our customers with advanced technology and continuous improvement in quality and competitiveness.


Ray Cha