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Celluon - the undisputed forerunner in portable input applications, has its headquarters in Seoul, Korea - the country renowned for its technological prowess. Celluon is highly involved in the research and development process, as well as the manufacturing of the projection keyboard module and final products using the 3D Electronic Perception Technology (EPT).

Given the rapid technological developments, people can now enjoy the comfort of large LCD monitors, greater access to information through wireless networking, and the use of portable devices. However, despite the advanced transformations that have taken place, people are still hindered by the lack of portability in traditional input applications such as the standard keyboard and foldable keyboard.

The 3D Electronic Perception Technology is protected by patents being filed in over 6 countries, namely the United States, European Union and major Asian countries.

Through the integration of this unique, patented technology, Celluon presents the revolutionary answer to the demands of the highly mobile society today - the Projection Keyboard. Known also as the 'virtual keyboard', 'laser keyboard' or 'optical keyboard', it is undoubtedly, the epitome of 'true data input', with high precision and quality surpassing all existing applications.

With the increasing demand for mobile components, coupled with a booming market for Projection Keyboard-enabling components, Celluon is set to experience optimistic growth. Moreover, as a niche provider in this industry, Celluon has successfully launched its products in the European Union, where response has been positive. This is followed by future plans to export to the United States, having fulfiled the coutry's safety regulations.

Indeed, Celluon's pursuit in continuous innovation has propelled further developments in projection keyboard design and functionalities, setting new standards time and time again. A company growing from strength to strength, Celluon is undeniably, the global leader in mobile input technology.